Is QUICKFIRE classed as dangerous goods?

No. QUICKFIRE is not classed as dangerous goods. See our MSDS under downloads.

Who has tested the product

It has been tested by DEKRA in Germany.

Can it be stored at a standard warehouse?

Yes, it can. Though, we recommend that it be stored at a temperature of at least 16 degrees to ensure that the packaging does not become damaged.

Can it ignite spontaneously?

No. QUICKFIRE cannot ignite spontaneously. It needs a flame to ignite.

Does QUICKFIRE have a best before date?

No. QUICKFIRE lasts indefinitely. QUICKFIRE actually gets even better over time, once the curing process is complete.

Does it emit odour when I store or light QUICKFIRE ?

No. QUICKFIRE is sealed in foil and does not therefore emit any odour. You don’t get any smell on your hands either.

What is the burn-time of QUICKFIRE fire starters?

Around 8–10 minutes, depending on conditions.

Does QUICKFIRE have to be taken out of the foil?

No. You light the foil at the corner and use the foil as a wick.

What standard relating to fire lighters for barbecuing is it tested according to?

Dekra in Germany has tested it according to DIN EN 1860-3/A1:2006.

Should the fire starter bag be completely burnt before placing food on the grill?

Yes, it should. Before placing food on the grill, make sure that the fire starter bags have burnt away completely and that the coals are covered by a layer of ash.

Where are they produced?

QUICKFIRE is produced in Europe using traceable high-quality raw materials.

Is there anything else we need to be aware of?

Keep out of reach of children.