Welcome to QUICKFIRE A/S.

QUICKFIRE A/S is a privately owned production and trading company with 20+ years’ experience in the industry.  

 Specializing in fire starters for wood burners, fireplaces and barbecues, QUICKFIRE A/S has enjoyed great success in selling its high-quality product, QUICKFIRE, all over the world. The QUICKFIRE fire starters is produced at our own factory in Serbia, enabling us to deliver to our Danish – and international customers both faster and more efficiently during the season itself, and thus provide a high level of service.

 We also work with private labels and have become an important supplier in this area as well over the years.

 The remainder of our product range is largely imported from the Far East, where we have built up good, long-term partnerships with companies that deliver high-quality products at highly competitive prices. We constantly strive to be cost-conscious throughout the value chain from production to the customer.

Product development and improvement are a big part of our identity, and it is important for us to follow the developments as well as the current trends that exist in the various markets.

It is QUICKFIRE A/S’ goal to remain an innovative and attractive partner for our customers at all times.

Quickfire is also known for being a solution-oriented supplier which does its utmost to meet the wishes of its customers. We are renowned for our exceptional service, consistency of supply and high quality, and as an additional service, we offer to hold your goods in stock based on a given framework order, enabling us to deliver to you within a few days and ensuring that the products you require are always available whenever you need them.

Our QUICKFIRE-team looks forward to welcoming you as a customer of QUICKFIRE A/S and sees great potential in being able to expand your range and thus help pave the way for even greater business opportunities for you.

We are a serious business partner, dealing exclusively with professionals.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for a no-obligation quote.

Best regards


Jørn Waldeier