Safe and efficient lightning – indoor and outdoors

Quickfire firestarters sachets facilitates both safe and efficient lighting for wood burning stoves and barbecues. Releasing neither environmentally harmful substances nor smoke, the odourless Quickfire firestarters sachets are equally useful outdoors as indoors. The sealed firestarter sachets makes sure, that you can achieve an odorless lighting.

Odorless lighting

Quickfire firestarter sachets are sealed with an environment friendly foil, which prevents an unpleasant odor on your hands and clothes. The folio works as a wick and most efficient when lighting in the corner.

Burning time

The sachet burns for about 8-10 minutes. Distribute 2-3 firestarters to the logs or charcoals and light the sealed sachets.

Unlimited durability

The sealed firestarter sachets have an unlimited durability.


Quickfire lighting is tested and approved by Dekra, DTI and TÜV. Quickfire firestarters is not classified as dangerous goods.